BluePrint: how to create effective roadmap of a project so it doesn’t fail?

By EGO Angel September 21, 2016

 BluePrint is basically a quick start to transform the product idea into exact requirements. So why is it so important on the pre development stage? Why a development team can’t start coding right away?

 Simply because:

 It’s very similar to construction and building a house. No one wants to do it without a plan. House owner can just say that there should be 4 floors, big windows and a tile roof. But that’s not enough for construction team to start the work, since there is at least million and one aspect that should be defined for the construction team to be able to provide the budget, delivery phases and a plan. And the owner of the house benefits from having a plan, since he outlines the requirements and understands what he’s paying for.

 In the end of the day everyone needs a plan.

 Plan is for the big picture? Yes, exactly!  Here is what BluePrint covers additionally to reveal details:

  • Interactive wireframes in a form of clickable prototype
  • Design concept to get the look and feel, bring the colors and styles in
  • Blueprint doc with project descriptions, key values and goals to achieve

 Now it’s more clear what it contains, but what values does it really bring? Here is the outline of key ones:

  • It’s your app idea going live on paper with detailed implementation plan and features to do. Such as a plan needs to be done for building construction.
  • Use it as a proof of concept! Wireframes are interactive and are delivered in a form of clickable prototype. So those can be used for product idea presentation and/or rising funds. Get your investments with it!
  • Fixed budget for development phase! With BluePrint on hand you’ll know exactly how much money you’ll need to spend during each phase with detailed breakdown.
  • Having it done we can provide fixed timeline and exact deliveries for development phase;
  • You don’t need to spend tons of hours creating project documentation! We’ll do it for you in a best fitting form – specification, walkthrough, screen flows.
  • It’s your business plan essential for successful project completion and investments implementation. No great project can be done without it, right?

 We’ll put an extra effort into making BluePrint more visible for you, please let us know if you’d like to overview the samples and even more details, just drop us a line.

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