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By EGO Angel October 15, 2018

Everyone is living in a smartphone world where everything is turning digital. Including healthcare.

Healthcare has been dramatically transformed with its mobile version, providing 100 billion market* and a wide variety of app-based services. Both for clinics and doctors as well as patients.

App-based healthcare services

Any obvious benefits for a healthcare business?

  • Higher users’ loyalty
  • More personalized sales channels
  • Lower operations costs (less personnel)

EGO Creative Innovations’ experience

  • 3+ years in the mobile healthcare
  • 100,000+ hours of product consultation and development
  • 50+ in-house software experts
  • 12+ healthcare projects delivered

Featuring projects

Client: CentralReach
CentralReach is the Florida based provider of electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software for clinics focused on applied behavioral analysis (ABA) and speech therapy.

Functionality: Practice management software for clinics, US

App Users
Healthcare professionals who work with children with special needs (Behavioral Health Specialists, Speech Therapists, Multi-Specialty Practitioners, School Specialists)

CentralReach approached us to develop a mobile solution that would make their clients’ lives easier during the sessions or when they’re on the go.

We transferred the huge web app functionality to a mobile platform. We also investigated several cases of how healthcare professionals are holding their sessions to tailor the app UI to their needs. We focused on few features in mobile UI:

  • App should be handy
  • Interface should not be overwhelmed with features and visual elements

As the result, we developed iOS and Android apps:

  • Applying the best user experience possible
  • Integrating perfectly with the CentralReach web application
  • Increasing value for the end users

Budget and Duration
USD $$$,$$$
February 2017 – Present


CentralReach app

Client: Name is not disclosed, under NDA.

Marketplace for wellness practitioners and health seekers, US.

App Users

  • Wellness experts
  • Clients

The client had no technical background and popped up with a bare-bones idea. He wanted a magic team to develop both a project strategy and a digital product from scratch. The client was at the startup stage.

We developed the best monetization and safest product strategy to enter the market:

  • we developed only web solution for the first product release to test the waters and gather the first users’ feedback;
  • we implemented only core MVP features and cut the costs on non-essential ones;
  • we chose ready-made budget solutions for blog and website analytics over custom ones to save investments in the first version product and decrease the risk of failure.

As the result we got a shiny web platform to connect wellness providers with clients. It was successfully launched and is growing now. We are continuing to extend the product functionality. In 2019 the app will be adopted to the Canadian, Belgium, Swiss and French markets.

Budget and Duration
USD $$,$$$
May 2016 – Present

Web Platform

Wellness platform

Web Platform Blog


Client: Name is not disclosed, under NDA.

Marketplace website for doctors and patients, US.

App Users
Healthcare specialists

The client is a co-founder of a privately-held surgical practice group for general and vascular surgery. He was saddened with the current US healthcare referral system which, in his view, was complex, bureaucratic, expensive, and inefficient. He wanted a team of experts to build a national pay-for-fee surgical services network that directly connects patients and surgeons without intermediaries.

Based on doctors and patients needs we developed a fully functional mobile responsive web app, enabling:

  • surgeons to register their services;
  • patients to search, review and connect with the surgeons of their choice.

The product was delivered ahead of schedule, and the client was very pleased with the result.

Budget and Duration
USD $$,$$$
Thirty weeks

Surgery Platform

Mobile responsive web app

Medical platform_1
Medical platform_2

* Zion Market Research 2016

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