mHealthcare 2.0: Future of the Market and ADHD/ASD Practice

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CentralReach Go app workflow - 4
CentralReach Go app workflow - 4

General Mobile Healthcare Market Trends

Proper mobile practices are critical for any business, including healthcare. Patients and doctors live in a mobile world too!

mHealthcare (Mobile Healthcare) has become one of the largest and fastest growing industries. The market is greatly fueled by innovation investments, permanently growing demand and stable high profits. All humans get sick. Unhealthy nutrition, stresses and an increasingly poor ecological environment in densely populated areas have helped to catalyze the mHealthcare market.

According to Zion Market Research, the global mHealth market is likely to cross USD 102.43 Billion capitalization by the end of 2022, developing at a CAGR of at 32.5% till 2022.

mHealth market statistics

Apart from the mHealthcare market boom and growth, we suggest that healthcare apps and digital services are mostly at their initial development stage. Medical, fitness, pharmaceutical and nutrition apps are disconnected from each other and are not available within a common marketplace, where a whole package of easy-to-use services is available. The main disadvantage is mobile healthcare services are geographically limited and only good for particular locations, usually the major cities. But we can’t deny two trends:

  • mHealthcare is shaping the common data space in the medical field.
  • AI is playing a more relevant role in analyzing huge medical data archives, with IBM and Google leading the way.

A booming mHealthcare market has resulted in healthy competition amongst service providers. Yet with a smart idea and affordable budget, you can benefit patients and doctors, as well as scaling your own business. Let’s take a closer look at some particular examples

A Mobile Solution for ADHD/ASD Practitioners

Statistics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the United States is not optimistic and has increased again. About 1 in 59 children has ASD, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). More and more client caseload difficulties and loss of productivity faced by clinicians on a daily basis. It is where CentralReach and EGO Creative Innovations stepped in.

CentralReach is a Florida-based company. It provides health records (EHR) and practice management software for clinics focused on applied behavioral analysis (ABA) and speech therapy.

CentralReach approached EGO Creative Innovations to develop a mobile solution that would make their doctors’ lives easier during the sessions or when they’re on the go. EGO Creative Innovations specializes in customized app development for Healthcare, Fintech, IoT and Logistic business. They transferred the huge web app functionality to a mobile platform and investigated several cases of how healthcare professionals are holding their sessions to tailor the app UX to their needs.

CentralReach Go app workflow

iOS and Android app

  • Applied the best ADHD/ASD Practitioners’ experience
  • Integrated perfectly with the CentralReach web application

CR Go App Users

  • Healthcare professionals who work with children with special needs (Behavioral Health Specialists, Speech Therapists, Multi-Specialty Practitioners, School Specialists)
  • Parents
CentralReach Go app workflow -1

Doctors Benefits

  • Clinical data collection
  • Handy work schedule
  • Work and travel time tracking with a GPS-navigation option to reach the patient’s location
  • List of activities to be performed with a child during a therapy session and collection of different data types (tracking of the child’s progress and behavior monitoring) and a timer
  • Video recording option during the therapy session to share with colleagues
  • Offline data records are synchronized once the doctor’s smartphone gets connected to the Internet

Parents’ Benefits

  • Close communications with their child’s doctor on a regular and emergency basis (chat option)
  • Appointment and activities schedule
  • Activities reminders (push-up notifications)
CentralReach Go app workflow - 2

The mobile application is still at its polishing stage. We hope its innovative idea will find its market. The general idea of building software or mobile service is different when you are just building for economical reasons. It’s much better not only to be able to make money but also serve a community that needs help. In our case ADHD/ASD community. We encourage all entrepreneurs to make a difference in someone’s life, as it’s the most powerful reason to do any job notwithstanding any market trends!

CentralReach Go app workflow - 3

Welcome to contact us for the best solution of your concerns or feel free to talk to us how to solve them.

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